How do I make umg sliders control a morph point on a skeletal mesh?

I’m trying to get my UMG sliders to modify morph points on my Skeletal Mesh. I’ve got variables set up in the AnimBP already to go but I can’t get my UMG widget blueprint actually recognize my skeletal mesh. I have to be missing something simple, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what it is. I know that the target needs to have a Skeletal Mesh attached but I can’t seem to find one to go in there, even if I turn off context sensitive results when I right click on the graph.

I don’t know much about morph but if morph target is player or player part , try casting to player and get skeletal mesh from there.(while casting to player,object goes with get player pawn)

Actually I did get it to compile, I had neglected to create a SM reference to use. Silly me.

Can you publish a screenshot of the changed widget blueprint with the inserted SM reference?