How do I make this blueprint?

Thank you.

The Question is:
What Blueprint specifically?

The Camera Track n’Move?
The UI Widget to select Camera Positions?
The Menus?
… etc…

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Hi Patrick
The UI Widget to select Camera Positions?
Camera movement button. (next and stop/previus and stop)

Camera change position button.

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Assuming you have a basic understanding of Unreal Engine and cameras you can create a simple widget with buttons and make “OnClicked” events off those buttons that set the transform of the camera to different locations. You can use timelines and linear interpolate with the alpha from your timelines to move your camera transform and rotation to different places on each click event. If you didn’t have to bend your camera arounds corners and the rotation and movement was linear it’s pretty simple. Search YouTube for moving cameras with timelines.

Thanks for the suggestion. You have explained well.