How do i make the timeline node not reset when it gets called again

Hi everyone, i was following an tutorial on how to create a simple pulse effect around my character. The whole setup works fine but the problem is that the timeline resets whenever i press E if the timeline is still playing. Resulting in the animation getting cut off and restarting again everytime i press E.

What kind of setup do i need to make to be able to keep spamming the E button and having the effect play from beginning to end every single time?


Will this do?

Thank you so much for the quick reply, This is definitely in the right direction. Now it will only play again if the timeline has ended.

however i would like to have it in a way where it will play from beginning to end (everytime i press E) regardles if it has ended or not. This way the pulse will appear multiple times with a slight delay. Idk if my explanation makes sense or if its even possible with a timeline.

It’s not, not the way you think at least. You’d need to spawn additional material instances and drive their parameters respectively for multiple effects present simultaneously.

Since we only have one paramater, it can only do one thing at a time - so to speak. I see a material parameter collection being used - what is the material applied to?

Depending on how the effect is supposed to look like, this might be best achieved with Niagara. Is this what we’re after?

I was afraid that was the case. I was hoping to fix it with just one material instance. But i guess it would give me more control if i do it that way. The material is actually a post process material so idk if Niagara will work in this case.

I think i will just start with making material instances with a slight delay and see if that works. Thank you for quick replies and the initial setup, as this will help me with something else :wink: