How do I make the launch window smaller

I need to package my game for testing, but it runs incredibly slow because it automatically sets everything to “epic” and makes a window much bigger than the viewport I work in. My computer simply cant handle it, and i know that the computers that it will be tested on wont be any better than the one i have. How do i fix this?


If you talking about Mobile Preview or New Editor Window, then you can set needed parameters here

I changed the values and re-packaged the game. It didnt change the size of the window when I launched it from the .exe. :confused:

Same, i tried using that editor preference but the game still launched in a huge window. my tiny laptop can’t handle that.

Go to the YOUR_UE4_PROJECT/Saved/Config/Windows and find the GameUserSettings.ini file. Copy this file to YOUR_UE4_PROJECT/Config/ and rename it to DefaultGameUserSettings.ini. Open this file in text editor and set ResolutionSizeX and ResolutionSizeY as you need.

Wow thanks, finally a concise and exact answer to what i was asking.
Thank you very much. :slight_smile: