How do I make the character punch only once per click?

I finished following the third person blueprint tutorial by Unreal Engine but the punching that they set up is one where the character punches continuously while you hold the left mouse button. I was hoping someone could tell me how to I make the character punch once per click like common brawler games do. I also want the character to alternate between left and right punches. Eg. Click->Right Punch,Click->Left Punch… By the way, I am still new to the Unreal Engine. Thank you!

It’s a really simple setup. You need to have two non-looping animations (left kick and right kick, for instance) and then you use a flip-flop node to switch between them.


Unfortunately the Animation used to construct the punching Montage in the Third Person Blueprint Game tutorial’s is constructed in such a way that the best you’ll be able to do is limit the character to single right handed punches. To create alternating right and left punches you’ll need a new set of animations to work with.

If you Use Anim Notifys you can use the 2nd punch as a single play vs just the one side… if i was you i would just flip the anim after duplicating it .