How do I make the block shown in the photo? (I'm a huge noob, sorry)

What… I don’t even know how to properly try to respond to this one. Can you be a bit more specific with your question? What are you trying to show? I mean, yes I understand you want to “show” what is inside your yellow block…but what do you mean by “show” exactly? Are you wanting someone to create a custom animation for you so you can visualize your function? Or are you trying to PrintString it for debug purposes? What exactly are you trying to do/want help with?

So you want to make a dodge? Well, you’re still going to have to be a bit more specific than that since there are many types of “dodges”.

Here are some Dodge Tutorials:

Dodge is really mostly just an animation, you write the logic of how you want your dodge to work in the background. Usually it’s just something like player takes no damage while dodge animation happens or takes less damage, whatever. Watch the videos, experiment.

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Sorry, I meant how do I make one

I meant how do I create it on the blueprint, Sorry if I’m not making sense.

oops, I meant how I would make that block if I wanted to use a different action other than dodge. So basically I’m looking for that type of block. I really suck at getting my point across, sorry. Also, I know that I can be a frustrating person to deal with so thanks for sticking around.

It’s fine. I just don’t understand what you’re wanting exactly. You asked how to create a dodge, and I linked you to two tutorials. If you’re asking another question, please make a new question and mark this one resolved.

Okay, thanks