How do I make Sonic-like acceleration in Blueprint Mode?

Can someone please tell me how to make Sonic-like acceleration in blueprint mode for my game? Please include a video if possible. I need it for my commercial game in UE4.

There are a lot of different sonic games. Do you mean the classic spin dash mechanic or movement from the modern 3D games and if so which one specifically?

I was meaning more “Classic-Sonic”-like smooth acceleration, where the player holds forward, and they progressively gain speed. Such as you hold forward, you start out jogging, then after 2-3 more seconds, you gain more speed, in a few more seconds, you gain more. So on and so on.

That right there is as simple as setting your character’s max speed to something very high, and the character’s acceleration to something very low. Every character class has a character movement component. Click on yours and simply update the variables that pertain to max speed and acceleration. Play with different values till you like what you get!

I’m a skrub, please post some screenshots to help me out…

Not at home right now unfortunately

Do you have a character blueprint? If you do, open it and look at the top left where the components are. Find the character movement component and click it. Then on your right, you’ll see details, and what variables you can set. Read through the variables looking for ones called Max Walk Speed and Max Acceleration. Thats the best I can do for now

Thanks! I’ll try it out!

(Using the third person base right now.) I can’t find it in the character’s blueprint editor…

You go to the thirdpersonblueprint and top left there is movement component where you can change all the default settings.

Anyway I set something like this for my character. I set a time line with a curve steadily increasing over time and the output goes into the max walking speed.

What do I change?

Changing the max wall speed variable, the character can change his speed. You can make a set max walk speed every time that the button is pressed. For example you can add 100 in the max walk speed every seconds that a button I pressed.

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