How do I make particles face "the right way'?

Hello everyone?

I have seen lots of questions similar to this where people are asking whether the particles should face or face away from the camera. I tried both methods and I didn’t get the results I am looking for.

I am trying to get the following results;
When I shoot at something I want the bullet effect “particles” show from the correct direction “Which isn’t always facing the camera” Since I am using it in a 3rd person shooter where sometimes the camera is higher or lower than the character itself.

Would that be under Emitter Origins?

If you shooting mesh - you can try MeshData->CameraFacing->CameraFacingOption->VelocityAligned:ZAxisFaced

Hi, thanks for your reply, Where would I find “Mesh Data” to start with? I am only a month old in game development so bare with me :slight_smile:

right click on your particle system inside Cascade > type data > new mesh data