How do I make objects fade away?

How do I go about making objects fade away at a press of a button and then fade in when pressing another button? I’ve been looking at the material editor for a while now and I would assume it would have something to do with creating the materials but I have no idea where to start.

Hi rayDawg,

First create a material with Opacity parameter.

Then in Level Blueprint (or any other Blueprint) create a setup like this:

Following the above screenshots, PIE and press M to see the cube fade in and out. Hope this helps.

I can’t seem to find half of the nodes you have on these screenshots :confused:

There is a search feature :wink:

Which nodes are you missing?

EditorCube11: This was added from the level. Select your mesh in level, open Level Blueprint -> right click and select Add reference to <YourMeshName>

MID: This is a custom variable i created. Create a new Material Instance Dynamic variable in My Blueprints Tab.

Fade in and Out: This variable will be automatically created when you create a new Timeline. Right click on your graph and select Add Timeline…

All other nodes are in-built ones. Use search feature as Bjorn suggested. :slight_smile:

For the Fade in and Out variable, were there any particular alterations to it? I know you added a float value named Fade, and I have my blueprint setup the same as your screenshots, but nothing is happening on button press.

It`s working! Thanks ryanjon!
Hi rayDawg, this is how i did:


Is there not a (cheaper) method of fading a mesh in/out instead of material?

Also in search of that. Especially when using multiple material slots this gets ridiculously complicated.

I expect the key to doing this entirely inside the material setup lies with the ‘Time’ node and the math expressions.

Materials can only access parameters from Blueprints: you can’t program a button press directly in the material editor. But you do have sine waves and basic math functions, along with access to textures if you just want something to glow.

ryanjon2040 you have “Set MID” Momatic has “set MRK_WHZ” what is this setting/referancing?

So I followed all the steps for this blueprint but it actually doesn’t do anything. When I hit the button my object looks the exact same and I’m not getting any errors so I’m not sure what I’m missing here.

You need to use set scalar parameter value on materials instead of just set scalar parameter value.

Hey guys, not to rez the thread or anything but thanks for the advice here! I used it to make some things fade out when raytraced by the camera.
Much appreciated!

THERE IS A SEARCH FEATURE?!! ***What a mean and unhelpful reply! * **


Why are you even here? **Why is this forum even here, if only to say R.T.F.M? **(Read the &#)$#%& Manual)

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Not looking to revive the topic; however, feel compelled to respond…

Brave search with “unreal blueprint fade away” found this topic in the #1 position. Exactly what I was looking to do.

Appreciate this response.

Not only how to do the fade; however, didn’t know you could do Timelines that way.

Two for one on the learning curve!


Being new to ue but used to using other 3d software. Ue seems ridiculously complicated to do the smallest things.
Other software would just use an opacity fade or similer and that would be it. Why so many over complicated nodes for everything? Is it because it leans more towards being a game engine, rather than a rendering image engine?
Surely there has to be a simpler way to fade an object in ue?
As someone pointed out. If you have several objects it becomes ridiculously complex.