How do i make news in my game

Hi, I want to make a news section, like the one in Fortnite and be able to update it everyday. But I don’t know how, could you please help me with this?

you could use this same guide.

or if you want to use c++ you can just make http calls to a webpage you have setup with the news.
This is what all the games use they just point to a webpage or rss feed.

Thanks for trying but, this isn’t what I mean, I don’t want to stream anything I want to make a widget which I can control

Theres experimental web panel widget (it’s a plugin you need to enable) that oyu might be interested in which allows to easily embed website to UI, quite cheap way (in work time not performance) to do news in game menus. Other sollution is as danniddr suggest use http module in C++ to grab some data from HTTP server either rss or your own or something, can be even plain text.

Thank you for trying but I already know how to make widgets, I even made a main menu and all that so I do know, I want to make it like Fortnite’s I want to try the second answer first.

I feel you are contradicting yourself. Do you want to stream information in or do you want to control it manually?


Ok thanks, what is the plugin called? And also does it matter if I uses wix for example (to make my website)

Just search “web browser” in plugin manager. It’s normal webkit based web browser, which main function is to show HTML text that HTTP server shows so it does not matter what you use on the server