How do i make my ship follow the crosshair?

how do i make my ship follow the crosshair (as in Everspase game)?
now I have a crosshair movement

and the pawn itself

If your crosshair is on your UI you could get the position on screen then do some math and get it’s distance and direction from the center of the screen and then adjust your ships vector/velocity accordingly. I have never played that game so I’m a little unsure of what you got so far.

let’s say the crosshair is shifted to the left, I want the ship to turn left until I move the crosshair back to the center

I would try making a actor that follows the screen position of the crosshairs at a distance directly away from the camera like 1000 or so then have your ship point at or follow that actor.

Deproject function and project… Do a trace from screen to the world, Search de project and project function and such