How do I make my score stop when I'm dead?

Here is my scoring system.

I need to make it so the score stops when my player dies. I tried to make a custom event on the character for death but it just wouldn’t work no matter what I did. My custom death function would set an IsDead Variable which I would plug into the condition on the branch pictured but I couldn’t get it to work, the Death Function didn’t kill my player.

So here’s my death system. It’s just OnActorHits of each of my enemies that leads to destroying the player pawn and changing the camera from the player’s camera to a default one in the scene.

So with these to systems set up what’s the easiest way to make it so the score system stops when the player is dead.

Ok, I messed with it again to make it how I had it before, here is the death function:

Then here it is Where destroy actor used to be.

Casting to ball/ Not casting to ball gives the same result. Using an OnActorHit in the level blueprint/ making it an on actor hit in each character blueprint does the same thing. No matter how I play and change it It doesn’t do anything.

Am I just doing something completely wrong? I learned this from a tutorial and then changed a few things to make it fit my needs but it all seems to make sense it just doesn’t work. Idk, maybe I’m just stupid.

“…the Death Function didn’t kill my player.”

Bool is way to go, so anwser yourself why it didn’t work. Can you revive that old set up so we can solve it?