How do I make my rotation speed increase over time?

I’m working on adding splitscreen to my game, which means I need to fix and work on controller settings, How can i make it to where over time, the player look speed gets faster? so if they just hold the right thumbstick all the way to the right, instead of slowly turning around at the same speed, over time it would get faster, until it reaches a maximum speed. I don’t want to do anything on event tick, I was thinking if there was a way to use a linear graph, that I can call the values on, or use a timeline. But I don’t want it to constantly get faster no matter if they’re moving the stick, but only if the stick is staying at full speed ie: 1. so if they are holding it to the right it gets faster, but if they are just looking around, and spinning the stick, then I don’t want it to get faster.

Why not using a timeline? Stop it when stick is in the middle, restart it when stick is not in the middle and it’s position changed. The function should stay a while at the same value (no increasing of speed), then go up. It’s a function of “duration of stick in the same direction” (t) and “turning speed” (y).

Yeah, I’m going to try it later, and I’ll let you know how it goes