How Do i Make My Own Character Customization System Tutorial Questions (PLS HELP ) THKS

Okay So i Just Wanna Ask A few Question On the process of How to make a customization System.(im new to unreal and game making in general)
The Idea im going for is custom races for cac, w/ different looks options for each races

My Questions:

1.How Do i make different Body type (Slim, Buff, Big, Fat, Skinny Etc, Tall, Short)
2.How do i make different Detail Such as Different ( Eyes, Eye Brows, Nose )
3.How do i make different Hair Types, And Additional Stuff Like, I wanna Add like tail on or off.
4. How do i link one animation type to all the different models
5. when doing these steps do i need to create a different head model each time for swappable in customization system or do i make small things like different Eyes, Nose, eyebrows etc.
6. i wanna be able to make a option to switch animation styles Like Warframe does. ( it allows you to switch idle animations and fight styles For each CaC)

I know these probably sound like noob stuff and i am a noob but I’m having a really hard time Trying to figure out how to do this stuff and start. So for those who drop answers and detailed explanation or video link drops Would be very helpful and I thank you for that!.
PS (I Plan On Importing from blender, and making models from blender. BUT I might use 3ds Max)

Since you’re new to both Unreal and Game, I’d make the suggestion to get up the speed on those particular areas first. You seem to be trying to bypass the learning, planning, and development stages and worried about very complex end results.

For character construction, you’d want to look at Unreal Metahuman and also the Character Creator application. Building a whole system for a user to interchange bodies, faces and features is a difficult task even if you pre-generate the parts.

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