How do I make my model the same size everywhere?

SO it seems like regardless of following instructions to the letter, UE4 will import something to be the size of an ant.
But you can resize. How do you scale the model i such a way that if I were to use it as the mesh for the third person project, it would be properly sized all the time every time.

If you enter the ‘editor’ and set the scale, the model will be sized correctly if you drag int into the scene as a static object. However if you set the player character to use it, It will be the size of an ant, and it will be levitating in the air.

How do you make a model the same size across the board, no exceptions?

are you updating the scale on the modeling software you are using? i think that if you export without applying locations, scale and even rotation, it wont import correctly (at least those are mandatories steps on blender)

There’s a setting in the main static mesh class called build scale, I think this is what your looking for.

When you import the staticmesh can’t you set the import scale?