How do I make my job more well known?

Does anyone here have any ideas for me to get my job more popular?…ing-to-be-made

Maybe a better title? Or something? Help please xd

Also, how do you make a redirect post?

You should try to make official web page or/and Youtube channel.
Some personal blog at least as we do for example -
This helps to be more popular :wink:

Thanks for the help

OK a bit of tough love.

All you have is an idea and a share of 70% of nothing is still nothing. Whats the expected development cycle? 1 year? 2 years? That is a lot of time to invest in a royalty based game.

Even calling it a royalty based project is wrong. A royalty is what you pay for work that was done not what you promise you will pay.

It’s a profit sharing project so have you even figured how to pay out profits? If someone works on this project do you have a points program to pay for work done if say someone only works on it for a month or two? An all or nothing project will not attract anyone sorry to say.

“Some of the game is not created yet, this is just the idea”:

Do you have anything to show? Concept art?

Do you even have contracts done up. NDA? Contributor Agreements?

Do you even have infrastructure? A place to put stuff?

Just saying.

FrankieV has pretty much hit the nail on the head.

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and look at your advert - why would anyone want to work with you or on this project? At this point in time you have nothing to show, you don’t seem to have any tangible development skills yourself, and you’re offering a cut of 70% (where does the other 30% go?).

Why would I work for you for a cut of 70%, when I can work for myself and get a cut of 100%?

Lol yes, I’ve not put in that much progress.

Yes, that is true, very true. I’m just asking if someone is willing to help. Also, the thirty percent would be going to me. I feel that if someone is willing to help me with my ideas, then they should get most of the money.

True that I should of thought of this a bit more.

One thing to keep in mind is that no one would work for someone else simply for their ideas. It will take much more than this to convince someone to work for you unless he’s a close friend/family perhaps.

The team needs to feel the lead understands one major part of the process very well at the very least. That could be either exceptional business skills and contacts that he can bring to the table money and marketing and consulatation if need be or one exceptional aspect of development skills (art , programming ) + knowing the workflow process clearly.

If you have none of the above then the only other way they will consider working for you is when you pay cash upfront.

So its tough, its already super tough when you have most of the skills mentioned above and you have a team already. This is not to discourage you just saying.

  • To start with either remove the horrible titled fonts or hire a graphic designer to come up with a good title art. Bad first impression.
  • Find artists to work on concept art and pinpoint ideas and create make over gifs to illustrate them.
  • You will need a small capital for all of these unless you hit the jackpot with someone willing to work for free.



Your only potential applicants will be people with very little or no experience that just needs to get started doing something so if you lower your standards significantly then you might get some results.

People with experience will skip this one for sure as there are hundreds of other promising paying jobs out there or they work on their own ideas.

Work on a skill of your own and attend to some Game Jams and offer that skill to join a team and share your ideas with that team is the best advice I can give you.