How do I make my elevator's doors slide open?

I’m very new, and learning through a healthy dose of YouTube and trail & error, so bear with me. I successfully wrote a script to have my elevator descend (the elevator is a BP, basically a box with the front side being two slabs to act as the sliding doors). I also successfully scripted it to, upon finishing, slide one of the door parts to the left.

The problem is, when the timeline for the sliding door executes, the door snaps downward – exactly -125 units downward. That door’s Z value in the BP is 125 units. I can fix this by changing that vector in the timeline to 125 for the entire duration. But that’s definitely a workaround.

It’s probably a matter of pressing a single button, but any guidance is appreciated. Screens of the level BP are below; the pipeline above the purple is for the sliding door.

“Relative” location means it’s relative to something. When you’re talking about a component, like your door, it’s relative to the root of the parent blueprint, aka the elevator. If your component’s default z axis is 125 and you then set it to 0, it’s going to move down regardless of where the elevator is.

The confusion here is probably that you think “set relative location” is relative to its current position, which is not what relative means in this context. It’s setting the location relative to its parent.

As for the elevator itself, since it’s not a component, set actor location and set actor relative location will actually do the same thing. (Not technically, there is a difference, but for the purposes of this question, it’s the same).