How do I make my character walk backwards if input is 180 degrees from current facing angle?

In Blueprint, I am using Add Movement Input for moving the character, left, right and forwards. My question is really… how do I limit those movements if I am facing North East and want to make him walk backwards, my input would be the 180degree equlivelent of that i.e SouthWest. Is there a way to clamp off the rotations so that I could have my character walk backwards?

I believe that by the terms you used (North, South, West… etc) you actually mean the player aiming or facing direction not the local map directions, am I right? well if so then it’s implemented already in the engine and easy. Just open the character blueprint and click on the character movement class (Component), then from the details menu, under “Character Movement (General Settings)”, set: “Orient Rotation To Movement” to be unchecked. That will make your character not auto rotating to aim the moving direction, then you can set your walk backward in the animation blueprint and fire it with the same inputs used in Third Person Template.

This was a big help. Thanks.

Yup, well now that I see the reply only 3 years later hehe, that project was cancelled unfortunately. Was going to be Last Ninja 2 Remake but System 3 decided to yank my chain on that one. Still, great to know!