How do i make my character turn when i rotate the camera

i’m trying to archive a “true first person” look on my character. basically, it’s a full mesh of the entire body but the camera is parented to the head instead of being third person. i have a aim offset set up, i use an aim offset blendspace for up and down but i use spine rotation for left and right. so now when i look down my arms move but my legs are stationary, which is what i want but i want the legs to rotate when the spine rotation exceeds a certain rotation. the obvious way to do this would be to lerp the actor rotation to control rotation but that does not look good as the arms flicker a little bit whenever actor rotation is set, this is still very obvious when the rotation is lerped. i was wondering if anybody knows how to archive this without it looking ugly. will be providing video soon.

here is a video showcasing my issue: 2018 05 20 14 57 12 - YouTube it does appear as the flicker does not appear without the lerp but that is wrong, it just only happens for one frame so it’s really hard to see in this 30 fps video. however, if I set “use control rotation” to true to rotate character the flicker does not happen but of course, there is no way of lerping it by doing that

thank you. the project is available here MEGA it is however quite messy so you might require some assistance regarding what’s going on

Is this the right project you send to me? Because for me it’s working out of the box without the flickering.

What? D you have screen recording software? I’d like to see

Here is the video: - YouTube

I have fixed my issue! however, the solution is super weird so just comment here if you are having the same issue and I’ll help you out :smiley:

I would like to know how you fixed your issue. I would also like to know how you have fixed the left hand being incorrectly positioned when you look up using the aim offset

I actually don’t remember how I fixed it as my current setup is quite different. but the hand issue can be fixed with a two bone ik node for your left hand. make sure the effector target is the right hand and it will copy the location of the right hand, now you just how to change the vector value to make it hold the gun properly.