How do i make my character stay mid air while i attack

So im having trouble with air combat i have my first 2 attacks launching me in the air then i want the rest of the attacks to attack while mid air. I tried using set enable gravity and calling it in the notify,animation BP but i he not staying he keeps falling :confused: cant figure it out can someone please help!

You may want to try using the flying movement mode while the attack are performed.

Can you clarify please, how do i use this mode

Set enable gravity is buggy.

There is a “Set Gravity Scale” function (or similar name) in the CharacterMovementComponent, you can set that to 0 at the begin of your attack and back to 1 at the end.

Thats just a workaround and I don’t know how to apply this to other actors/BPs

Using your character movement component in your character blueprint, you can find the setmovementmode node, here a few movement styles are provided.

i need more work on it but it did help so thanks!

WORKS PERFECT! I didnt think of that! thanks :smiley: