How do I make my character interact with an object?

so: what I want to do is make my character interact with an object so it triggers a reaction. I want this reaction to be that a text box pops up and says something (a 2D text box, kinda like in Pokemon or Zelda, like on the pic below). So basically the character comes up to an object, a text pops up (press “E” to interact), the character presses “E” and a text box pops up.


Please be specific, i barely started working with UE and i don’t understand yet how the blueprinting works and such. Thank you!


There are these components in Unreal called Volumes. Volumes are basically a cube that you can setup around your character that acts as a perimeter. When another character/actor enters this volume/perimeter you can trigger certain events (Trigger Volume), you can mess with the physics (Physics Volume) or play some audio clips (Audio Volume). i think that you are looking for Trigger Volume. So put this object inside a Trigger Volume, and whenever your character enters this trigger Volume, you can trigger an event that shows a text message with a button, this shoudl give the feeling that your character is interacting with the object.

Trigger volume can be setup in the editor and it has a bunch of settings that you need to understand and configure. Text message and button can be created using UMG and blue prints.

Hope this helps