How do I make my character automatically move?

So I have a wall that basically moves inward and it’s supposed to push the player. While the wall does push the player when he’s walking into the wall, it doesn’t push the player when he’s standing still (well it kind of does but there’s a good chance that the player will glitch through the wall).

I have an idea for a work-around where I set up an overlap event so that when the wall gets close to the player, the player will automatically move in the direction of the wall at the same speed the wall is moving. Is it possible to do something like that?

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yes overlap event will work fine.

I used “launch character” to push the character. I put it in a trigger which I put in front of the wall but for some reason it’s still possible for the player to get through the trigger. How can I make it so there’s no way the player can get through the wall.

I did manage to make some impractical work-around where I freeze the character in place so there’s no chance that he’ll walk through the box triggers but is there any other way to make this work?