How do I make my camera move relative to my character?

I’ve already posted this question on the answer hub but i thought i’d post it here as well for more visibility.
I’m attempting to make a first person game set in space so that requires having a character that can move in all directions, however with my current setup, whenever the character rolls, the pitch and yaw controls do not change direction with the character. If my character is sideways and I move my mouse up it will move the camera to the side.

I’m just gonna repost your screenshot for you here as well :slight_smile:

Did you try ticking the check boxes for “Use Controller Rotation Pitch” and Roll, under Pawn in the details panel?

Just tried ticking them, still have the same problem. Not sure if I gave a good enough description of my problem in the initial post so I’ve included a diagram. No matter which way the camera is facing moving the mouse up will move the camera up the z axis, or in this image above the platform.

OK, sorry I’ve never used the default pawn classes much so I don’t know how they work :S

So, in your movement graph, instead of Get Control Rotation, get the rotation of your camera component and make your movement relative to that. Also I noticed there’s some redundancy there, you get a rotator, then you break it and make it again? And what you’re doing with your InputAxis ZAxis in “Roll/Climb” seems a bit strange, you don’t have anything plugged into the Get Up Vector node.

Thanks for the help, this is actually my first time using unreal, so thats probably why my blueprints might seem a bit strange in places.

Ive cleaned up the make/break rotators as you mentioned, they were not in fact needed. The get up vector node works despite it having nothing plugged into it,
if i take that it the climbing and falling stops working.

As for getting the rotation of my camera component, how would I go about doing that?
As far as I know there is no direct command for it and plugging in my camera component into the control rotation node doesn’t work.