How do I make my camera follow my character?

I’m making a very basic 2.5D side-scroller, but I don’t know how to make the camera to follow my character. I already made a springarm but when I add a camera actor the camera is just looking to the start of the level, it won’t follow my character.

Hi @alffreyy! Welcome to the Forums!

You can set up your camera to follow your player with blueprints! Here is a great non-Epic affiliated video for setting up a “Fixed Camera” to follow your player, as well as how to ease the camera into position after movement is completed

UE4 - Create a Fixed Camera System with Spring Arm and Camera Lag (Dead Nation)

Using the principals showcased in this video you can also set up a fixed position for boss battles, challenges, etc. that you can change during runtime using the “Set View Target with Blend” node.

I hope the above solution solves the issue you are having!

Have you attached the camera to the spring arm. If you look at the third person sample there is one set up there, you should be able to adapt it from there. The changes you will need to make will be in the rotation of the spring arm.

Setup your character with a camera already attached.

When the character gets Possessed() the game will automatically use that camera.