How do i make my camera/character not clip though walls?

When ever i get near a wall my characters keeps going part way though it including my camera. If i make it third person its mainly only my camera that clips though like the image you can see below. Sometimes my character if he jumps and hits it in a certain way he goes though it which is very annoying to deal with.

(ignore the terrible design at the bottom left). Ive tryed changing my “near clip plane” but that does nothing. Ive looked online but found no solution, any ideas on how i can fix this?
Thank you in advance

Your bounds on the character is either too small, or the camera is placed outside the bounds.

I think my camera is placed outside the bounds since i change it from third person to first but how do i make sure its place inside if it is that?

Add a front facing spring in before the camera.
The spring should only be around 30 long or so.
It’s just there to allow for some space whenever you come into contact with something.
Use the built in socket to attach the camera.