How do I make my animation blueprint change animation depending on speed relative to the direction my character is facing?


I am a newbie at coding with blueprints (and in general) and I have been following the twin stick shooter tutorial series to get a ground strukture for my game. I have run into a problem with the animations however. Compared to the tutorial my project is exactly the same except I want to rotate my character towards my mouse and not with a controller. With this I have succeded. When setting up the animation blueprint the tutorial uses a “GetActorRotation” to make sure the move forward animation is playing even though the character is moving down but facing the direction he is going in.

I cannot use a “GetActorRotation” since I dont set the actor rotation where the tutorial does. I use a set world rotation instead. Therefore my character does not play the walk forward animation unless he is walking forward on the world X axis. My question is how do I get around this problem? (the video link is what happens if i change “SetWorldRotation” to “SetControlRotation”)