How do i make materials shadeless?

Hello, I made some low poly models in blender using shadeless materials, giving it a flat cartoony look. However when I export to ue4, they become shaded textures again and I don’t know how to make them shadeless again. Any suggestions?

Go to your Material Properties and change the Shading Model to “Unlit”.

Thanks @Ninjin. It worked. Had to choose emissive mode as well. Thanks a lot.

Can you make sure to checkout your answer, so people who use the search function can instantly see that your issue was solved?

This doesn’t make the material unlit nor shadeless, the only thing it does it forcing to make us emissive, but this is really dumb as there will still be postprocess, exposure, bloom and so on from this material…

Does anyone know the answer to this question ? I’d like to have a mesh with a flat color material so that i can do some postprocess on a video editing software. Adding an emissive color helps but it’s not ideal as it produce light reflections all around.