How do I make Launch Character launch away from another Character?

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I’m trying to make an ability in my game where if you press a key, any enemies around you get pushed away from you. Right now I’m trying to do this by applying radial damage around the player character, and then launching the enemies by making them launch every time they take radial damage. But, I can’t find a way to make the enemy characters launch away from the player character, and they just launch in the same direction every time.

Here’s the blueprints I’ve made so far:

Code for the player character:

Code for the characters that are being launched:


I just tried doing this, but I keep getting a “Accessed None trying to read K2Node_Event_DamageCauser” error.

Or even better ( note, I’m assuming the pawn type is not the same as the player here ):

This will only launch them if they are near the player.

And finally:


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That worked, thanks!