How do I make it when player is in certain range of AI, play a sound

Can anyone help me on this please? I’m completely lost as I’m really new to UE4, I thought just make a variable of my AI or Player and when Sphere Collision is colliding play a sound, But no, the Player can only spawn with PlayerStart, or Current Camera Location, and the AI I can’t make a variable of BP_Human because it doesn’t exist until you load the game.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Right click on your sound in the browser and create a cue, then add the cue to you ai BP.

Sorry I’m a complete noob, what do you mean by “there is another actor node in Collison event”?

But how do I make it start when the AI is close to me?

You can add a sound cue with a sound attenuation and adjust the attenuation parameters. There are a few ways to allow sound to be heard only if you are close to the sound source.If you want to add a player reference as a variable, you can do this when Begin Play is called, getting all AI character/AI actors from a class and with or without a tag or cast directly to the character getting his pawn by the controller. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much it works perfectly!