How do I make it so the weapons that is part of the mesh fire?

As you may know, mechs usually have weapons attatched to them unlike when humans HOLD them. How do I make it so that the weapons that is part of the mesh fire (the weapon parts)? Does it have to do with sockets? Or the mesh itself?

Hi, I’m Roy, you have already a projectile class?

Yes I do have one.

ShooteGame has good example how to make a weapon and shot that weapon.

Yeah I know, but the problem is, is that it is a hand weapon, as in you hold it, mine is part of the mesh, which makes me wonder how THAT is going to be used as a weapon, but yes shooter game does make a great example

Make a socket, get fire direction from that socket or from player orientation. Then spawn a projectile or trace for something to hit, spawn some effects(trails/muzzle flashes) and add damage to target. yes simply to say :0

oh, it does sound simple! Thanks all (maybe to simple) :slight_smile:

one more thing, it may be in the unreal engine, I just don;t know where to look for it, but when it is shooting, how do I make play the animation every time it fires?