How do I make it so that Launching does not crash while trying to make a basic main menu?

I am having trouble making a basic main menu that runs correctly during a launch. I have created my widget with 2 buttons and an image, and added the appropriate script in the Level’s Blueprints to show the menu in the viewport. It all works exactly how I want it to when I select “Play”, but when I hit “Launch”, it’ll either crash, or send me to the menu but won’t load the correct map when I select one of my buttons, or sometimes show nothing at all. This may have something to do with gamemode selections but I feel like I’ve done so many varieties that have ended up with no success. I’m new at this and have really enjoyed everything else so far, but this part in particular is something I would love some help with so I can feel more comfortable getting started with the rest of my game.

After a ton of tutorials, this one is the basic bit that I’m going for Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - UMG - Basic Menu - YouTube
But I just can’t seem to fix this launch issue.

I will provide any extra information needed to help troubleshoot.

Update: I have narrowed it down to the main problem I am having when I launch. When I click my “Play Level” button during a launch, it will take me to the 3rd person example map, not the map I have specifically told the button to open through blueprints. I will continue to mess around with it and see if I can fix this problem

My problem has been solved. After more research, it seemed that my launch was loading an older version of my game, So I decided to test it by packaging the game and it works great! I am excited to continue working on my game!