How do I make it so a project no longer requires substance?

My project always has a pop-up that it requires substance and would like us to download it. We have never used substance, so I would like if this message didn’t keep popping up everytime we move to the latest engine. How do I get rid of it, without downloading substance?

HI Ben,

You can open the project folder, and right-click on the UProject file. Select to open it with a Notepad or a similar type application.

You will see an option for Plugins listed. Select this section and delete everything below it that is contained within it’s brackets. Leave the bottom curly brace so that it is below the line for “Description”

Should look something like this: (Remove highlighted part)

I hope this helps.



Thanks! That was really helpful. Deleting that exactly created another error, but just deleting everything between the square brackets worked perfectly.

It works for me. Thanks!

This has been bugging me for ages, thank you so much :slight_smile:

Ok, now is it possible to do the opposite and auto load the Substance plugin so I don’t have to restart every time since I use it a lot ???