How do i make friendly Ai attack enemy Ai in unreal engine 4?

I am working in a historical shooting game, i finished all the shooting and attacking animations for the Ai but i cant get to make the enemy attack the friendly Ai and the game then just started to look retarded

Help please

I would recommend having a tag on each Ai actor that represents their ‘team’. Then when you are selecting a target to fire at, only select targets with tags that that Ai considers to be an enemy.

Another way to do this would be cleaner if all your Ai classes were somehow related in the class hierarchy. Find their common ancestor, and add a field that is an enumeration type denoting their team. Set this somewhere reasonable (likely in a child class that represents a member of one team). Then when selecting a target for attack, you’d cast any candidates to the type of the shared ancestor, if the cast succeeded check its team, then decide what to do appropriately.

Can you post a BP example of this setup?

I have an AI, an Attack event, but I would like to make friendly AI from that.

I’ve duplicated the AI controller and blackboard and called them friendly, is there a simple change in these I can set the enemy as the target and the player as friendly?

could you make the picture in a higher resolution, please?

I need help with this also