How do I make food that restores a hunger bar?

Hey guys,
Sorry for so many questions, but I’m completely lost right now. I have a basic hunger system set up using delays and clamps in my level blueprint. It basically prints a string from a function that subtracts 1 unit every set amount of seconds. I have an inventory system set up and basic food models scattered around my level, but I’m not sure how to make the USE button I’ve made restore the hunger function. I have the button set to the inventory arrays properly, but I’m stuck at the final Branch. I want to make the USE button dynamic so it can function with other items and other systems (comfort, fatigue, etc…) but I’m not sure what to do after I set the arrays to a Get and have the Get set to my Branch. Any help would be appreciated.

I figured it out using the same logic found here: UE4 Tutorial: Sprinting, Stamina/Hunger, and HUD tutorial - YouTube
I basically set another float variable for hunger and hunger decay (like he does with sprint and sprint decay) and went into my inventory widget, set a bind for my “Use” button, casted it to my FPCharacter, broke my item structure and then after referencing the class BP you want to use (in my case, my food BP) I had it set the float variable (in my case hunger) back to max. I’m still not sure how to make it increase based on multiple items with different values without setting a new function up for each item, but if I figure it out I’ll edit this answer.