How do I make fbx objects imported from Blender into solid objects that can be stood on?

I’m very new to using Unreal, and I’m tinkering with the FPS example map. The entire scenario worked great until I deleted out the premade map and tried to add my own. This was in the form of an FBX that I exported from Blender, version 2.79. The settings that I exported with were the default FBX export settings, and the import settings in Unreal were also the defaults.

After importing, I ensured that the entire character and its collider were above the surface of the new map that I’d imported. Now, though, all my character will do is either fall through the entire mesh when standing on the actual floor of the mesh, or they stand on a mysterious surface located above my map mesh if my character is located high enough above the map.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks so much in advance!

its bad collision man. or at least that what it sounds like. go to your mesh in the content browser and double clic kto open it, then click the collision button near the top to show simple collision. colored lines will appear and that is your collision, it will probably be in the location of “mysterious surface”. im assuming that you had ue4 auto generate collision when you imported the mesh, trouble is that the engine tries to make the simplest collision possible, so if you had any concave parts or protrusions the engine will make big box around everything (bit more complex than a box but still). to fix your issue you will either need to create your own custom collision in blender or break your mesh down into simpler bits so the engine can generate collision easier. there are other options as well but those two are the most generic.

post some screenshots if possible so we can be more precise in our response.

do the FBX even have collision?

Aha, this seems to be the answer! Thank you so much. As soon as I saw the collision outline out around the edges of the platform shape, I knew you were right. :slight_smile: