How do I make enemy health, and how to deplete it

Hi GitGudGitRekt.

This is an example on how to work with the built in damage feature.
In your case, Apply Damage runs on your weapon projectile and Event AnyDamage on the tank blueprint.

RIGHT this is my game. i have finally figured out how to make the player health (watched the video in youtube) and next i want to proceed making the enemy health. the enemy is the tank above. i am able to shoot left clicking and the bullets collide with the tank enemy. all i want now, is apart from making a boss health bar, make it so when he gets hit by the bullets, the health gets depleted. every little help from anyone counts.
thank you for your attention.
ADDDITIONAL INFORMATION: I am making a top down 2d shooter so i chose to start with twinstickshooter template instead of from scratch. its going well so far but when i do: cast to (character) it doesnt show cast to twinstickpawn. in youtube videos they use cast to firstpersoncharacter so i dont know why it wont cast to twinstickpawn and this makes me not be able to use most tutorials

Could you clarify the end of your answer? Is the anydamage pipeline in the tank blueprint or just the event? And the applydamage pipeline you place it the weapon blueprint? why not both on the character (aka tank)? And shouldn’t the applydamage be triggered only on contact with the character?