How do i make enemies or anything destroyable?

So i’m still fairly new to Unreal Engine and Blueprints but i have been using it for a while, specifically for a school assignment to create a Sci-fi game. so i have been making it from the default first-person template and decided to finally add turrets or sentries to shoot at the player. It works but poorly, and im trying to find a way so that the player can destroy them using the gun given to you but i am not sure how.

i want to make it so that after it is shoot a number of times, it explodes. is there a helpful easy guide on how to do is or is there someone who could quickly explain it?

these are the sentries i made, it’s not good looking for atleast it works…

Explodes as in breaks into chunks that fly about:

Explodes as in fire & smoke:

You can combine both.

i want to make it so that after it is shoot a number of times

Inside the turret actor, count the number of hits:

Thanks for the quick response, however the turret isn’t a mesh or classed under a mesh, its a Blueprint Class. so i dont know how to make it destroyable.

i actually used this video to help me make a turret.

Is there a way to make this into a mesh?

The blueprint has a static mesh component:


That component holds a mesh. That mesh is somewhere in the Content Browser - turn it into a destructible. Now you have options:

  • make this destructible a part of the actor but keep it hidden
  • when you’re ready to get rid of the turret, hide its static mesh, show the destructible one instead and fracture it


  • when the turret actor gets destroyed, add a destructible component in its place