how do i make center scrolling camera in unreal engine 4

i’m making a fnaf fan game and i wanna know something, i played the original game and i noticed that the camera only move when my mouse cursor is in the center of the screen, but in my game i only move a bit to the other side of the screen and i move a bit too, i wanna know how do i make my camera only scroll on the other side when my mouse cursor is on the center of the screen, can someone please tell me how to do this

I have no idea what fnaf is, can you give a vid of this correct effect?
this video shows that every time his mouse cursor is on the center of the screen the camera starts moving

Ok, it’s not because the mouse is in the center, it’s because the mouse is going off the edge of the camera.

Here’s the instructions:

  1. Make a new BP actor of type pawn.

  2. Open it up and the only thing you need to do is put a camera in it.

  3. In the event graph, you need:


  1. Put the pawn in the world and set ‘auto possess player’ to player 0.

BOOM. :slight_smile:


i liked your tutorial, but i think you didn’t understand right,
let me clarify better, i want to make my camera only move to left and right using the mouse cursor, not the keyboard, and i want to make just like the original game. In the original game the camera of the character only starts moving to the other side when the mouse cursor of the player gets in the center of the screen and
forward, i want to make this effect to not only make the gameplay better but do not get so hard to push the buttons on the side, look my process and tell me what i’m doing wrong

Try it. It’s what you want, you just can’t see my mouse cursor…

man, thanks for everything, sorry for be that annoying, i appreciate your work, everything is working fine but where did i get that “target” thing, i try to look in everything, but i didn’t find it, this target is a variable? that’s my final question

Just pull a pin out of the camera reference and choose setrelativerotation. Then right click on the end of that and choose ‘split struct pin’ :slight_smile:

thanks for everything, seriously