How do i make animation for combat?

how can i achive the same battle system as “Cube World, Trove” where the body rotates when hitting :confused: any leads would be really helpfull

As luck I just did a v-Blog on how to setup and author animations for Unreal 4 for the purpose of melee or combat systems.

dont really understand how this is going to help me :stuck_out_tongue: i need help in ue4 :stuck_out_tongue:

bump? any guide? there is no good tutorial on how to make smooth combat :confused:

To build animations for Unreal Engine, you use some animation tool. This could be Maya, or 3ds Max, or MotionBuilder, or something else.
This is no different from using Photoshop or Gimp or or Allegorithmic to generate textures, or using Max or Maya or Blender to generate meshes.

The video-blog suggested above seems like a fine example to show what kind of animations you can build to structure a melee combat system.

If you don’t have a third party animation package that you know how to use, then you cannot generate character animations for Unreal.

i have character and i can animate i just dont know how to make it smooth in ue4 :confused: for example:

Idle → Walking

When idle and hitting the animation works good
when walking and hitting his feet goes unsynced and stops
and the blending between the montage and walking and idle is terrible

Ah! You need to make sure that all animations go in phase. So, when you start playing the animation you’re going to blend into, make sure that the phase of the animation is the same.
If all animations use the same length (walk/run/skip/whatever,) then syncing the playback time should be enough. If they are different lengths, you have to pick the right point in an animation to blend to the next one; typically by tagging points in the animation with “transition here” markers that your animation blueprint then looks for and uses to switch anmiation.