How do i make an object (wood model) drop from a tree?

how do make a wood log drop from a tree every time my axe swings on the tree ?

this blueprint could be the complete wrong way of triggering an anim to play but im a noob at unreal so hey ho, correct me if its please!

how would i make my wood model drop!

i literally have no idea how to do anything like this, and i dont know where to start, someone in another post told me to look on yt but i cant find anything on getting started with unreal

thanks mate

I’m sorry, but do you even have a blueprints struct, executing logs falling from a tree?

Everything I can see is axe animation nodes.

You probably need to execute line trace, and if it hit a tree - trigger event, which creates (spawn actor from class) log.

Something like this. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Sorry to bring up and old subject but for some reason I cannot get “Create Log”… at all any help?
Or if there a tutorial on this?

been trying to make it so My trees give Logs like firewood that comes out and lands on the ground as a resource for crafting.