How do I make an object rotate?

I’m wanting my level to feel more alive with ‘A.C’ fans’ that spin ‘Leds’ that blink ect. I’m new to Unreal Engine 4 so yhea… Lol, so anyways if you could give me a video link or guide me through, that would be awesome! I do know to make a object spin, you will need to use nodes in a blue print. I put some photos under the post to show you guys my level; don’t be afraid to tell me what you think! Thanks :wink:

Create a new Actor BP > Add a Static Mesh Component > Select your fan or whatever you like in static mesh component’s properties > Add a RotatingMovement Component. Set the rotation rate on the axis you like in rotating movement component then finally place it in your level.

Blinking leds is more complicated than this though…it includes material parameters and a BP setup so i suggest taking a look at the documentation and the official Unreal Engine Youtube channel first if you have no experience with Blueprints.