How do I make an object just rotate forever?

I’m trying to create a simple turn table for a prop but I’m not well versed in the blueprints system.

I was following this tutorial but I don’t know what all the nodes mean or how to find them. Because I just want the object to spin, I don’t really need the right and left mouse button. Just want it to spin by default.

This type of specific question is good to put on the AnswerHUB so that others searching for the same thing will find it.

There is a Rotating Component. Go to the Viewport tab of you actor class, click Add Component, scroll down the list and select the Rotating Movement.

Here is a tutorial:

With 4.7 they introduced blueprint components, the rotating component is 1 of them that you can just add to your blueprint and it will make it rotate with some adjustable settings. You could make your own custom 1 of these and just attach it to any actor or blueprint.