How do I make an object disappear when I click it using a mouse?

I had already set up a show mouse cursor but I want it so that when I click a specific object it disappears and gets added to the counter HUD.

The object needs to be a blueprint.

In the level BP:

In the object BP:


You might need to re-post to get the widget part, it’s a lot in one question.

Hello. Thanks for the reply. I tried it but it doesn’t seem to disappear when I press the object. Does it work on Paper Sprite Actors?

It works on any BP. Can you show your BP structure?

I just tried it with a sprite:


Sure! Here it is.

Object BP:

Level BP:
Screenshot (538)

The level BP is connected to Event BeginPlay.

Works for me :clown_face:

Actor clicked is actor clicked ( sprite or no sprite ).

I don’t have any other code, I don’t get it…

Do you see the mouse cursor ( it’s like you lose control of the camera )?

Do you see the mouse cursor ( it’s like you lose control of the camera )?

I do, yeah.

I’m using a 2d side scroller level by the way, if that factors anything in.

Ah. Are you definitely getting to the object?

There may be something in the way ( collision wise ).

Nothing really. I tested it on a different area and it still doesn’t work.

I’ll try it on a different object and see if it works.

Ok I just tested it out on another object and it works. For some reason it doesn’t work on the other one.


It works! Finally! Found my way through it. Thank you very much.