How do I make an object "clickable"? (Like "Play" button in tappy chicken)


I am trying to set up Blueprint so that I click on a mesh to make a sound play (in the Mobile environment!).

I CAN set up the Level Blueprint so that when I play in the mobile preview, I can click ANYwhere and the sound will play. What I cannot do is make it so that the actor’s blueprint is set up so that when the mesh actor is clicked it will play the sound. I am attaching an image of my blueprint in case anyone sees anything glaring.

I’ve been studying the tappy chicken for the last couple of days and haven’t figured out where I’m going wrong.


I’m not sure if the image in the original post was attached properly…so I’m trying again.

You should not need to add an audio component. Looks like you need to select a sound in you Play Sound at Location node. Hit the little down arrow in there and select a sound.

Ah! Thanks Shane! I think I did that at one point because I thought I saw that in your blueprint for TC, but maybe not. I find it odd that I got my start creating real-time simulations writing thousands of lines of BASIC, yet I’ve spent over a week of my life trying to make a silly little tap-button for android using UE4 blueprints. But, I’m almost there. Thanks again, makes sense now.

(by the way, my 4-year old daughter tonight wanted to play TC right before bed. I let her play 4 tries, she bumped me up to 5, and I’m going to let her practice tomorrow. I’ll let her know you answered my question, she’ll love it.)