How do I make an object animate on creation?

Hi, i’m making a system in my game where when an enemy dies, it explodes into orbs which when picked up grant XP. I’ve got everything working with them except they just sit there. I want them to either gently levitate up and down slightly, or to bounce on the spot. My problem is I cannot figure out how to make something animate upon its creation. I tried using matinee but it seems to require me to reference specific objects because I have to put it in the level blueprint, but the objects don’t exist at level start. Is there a way to apply a matinee animation to every orb object? Or is there an alternative way to do this simple animation? Thanks very much.

Why don’t you just use “Begin Play” inside the XP orb Blueprint together with a timeline?

Just right click anywhere and type add timeline. Double clicking the timeline opens the timeline window. Clicking on the “f+” button creates a float variable. Shift+clicking creates keys. From then on it’s pretty straightforward.

Yes and if you can’t get it together, then try watching the beginner tutorial video from Epic Games. They create a door that opens with a timeline.

You will just need to change it a bit so that it moves up and down and not left and right (:

I’ve not used Timelines before, on a quick glance it looks like they’ll do the trick, thanks. I’ll have a look into how to use them properly unless you can direct me somewhere that can teach me how to use them for this purpose?

That did the trick, it all works fine now, thanks guys!