How Do I make An enemy character with blueprints

Hi Togonaaa,

there are a lots of videos and documents for Artificial Intelligence, I’am going to share a few with you and hope that you can learn what you need or at least give you the tools to continue:


  1. Artificial Intelligence | Unreal Engine Documentation
  2. Behavior Trees | Unreal Engine Documentation
  3. Environment Query System | Unreal Engine Documentation
  4. AI Perception | Unreal Engine Documentation
  5. AI Debugging | Unreal Engine Documentation


Unreal Engine AI Tutorial: Create AI with Behavior Trees - Tom Looman

Unreal Engine 4 AI Tutorial - Ryan Laley

Hope you will find all of this useful and have fun learning!

I want to create an enemy ai that attacks the player upon detection. ive searched the internet but couldnt find anything. i have no idea how to program the blueprint for this and add animations. please help

I use this video from YouTube. You don’t need to use Blackboards and it’s easy to implement.

What an asnwer!