How do I make an elevator with buttons?

Got any pics of you blue print to help.

I am guessing all the Mat are done?

Hey guys, I’m making an elevator that will play a matinee when a button is clicked. The problem is, I have a panel set up that displays a UMG widget upon overlapping a box trigger and I can’t figure out how to get the matinee to play when the button is clicked. I know how to make a matinee play based on an overlap, but I can’t seem to reference the functions I set up to make the character move when the button is clicked. To be clear, I want to make the matinee play when the button for a specific level is clicked so I can use the elevator to travel to different levels in the game.


You can use a small box trigger near the “button” mesh, when you overlap the trigger, the boolean condition becomes true and you can activate the elevator pressing a Key. When the overlaps event ends the condition becomes false. This way is very simple and allow you to activate the elevator only if you are close to the button.


I haven’t made an elevator tutorial, however this tutorial explains casting and it shows how to move an objects around in the world with pressing a button. This might help you.


Also found these, they might help.

[Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Basic Elevator/Lift

PTV Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints Tutorial 7 (Simple elevator)

[EU4 elevator tutorial for beginners][3]

This is the closest answer out of all of them I think. Instead of using a matinee I am just going to use multiple timelines like he did in this video:
I was trying to make a panel that had multiple levels you could access (floor one, floor two, floor three, etc…) so when you clicked a button it would cause the elevator to move so a specific level. I wanted to make the game seamless and didn’t want to use a load level BP. I think the timelines will be the best way to do this though.