How Do I Make an Animated Main Menu ?

So I have been doing some research into making a main menu for my game and I just need some help when it comes to the style.

I want to have the background moving and I have a bunch of sample assets (gifs and avi movies) a few seconds long each, that I want to play on a loop.

But all the tutorials I found just use an imported image

Is there any way to use a gif or animated film as the background ?

I saw some people suggesting using a flipbook texture, but how would I then call that when I am designing the main menu ?

I would look at a HTML5 solution. HTML5 natively supports video. Create a HUD with a browser window and you can display just about anything you want. Take a look at Coherent labs(not free) or BLUI(open source)
If it was me, I would stay away from animated gifs because some browsers and anti-virus programs will block them as a hacker can mess with them.