How do I make an alternative dimension? Russian and English

Eng: A different dimension must be made. So that when you click the button, the player sees not the usual world, but its other side, as in the example in the pictures below:
Ru: Необходимо сделать иное измерение. Чтобы при нажатии кнопки игрок видел не обычный мир, а его другую сторону как в примере на картинках ниже:
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Eng: Something like this is necessary. This is a view of the world from different sides. In General, you need to see something in a simple dimension, and something else in another dimension, but the player remains in the same place
Ru: Необходимо что-то подобное. Это взгляд на мир с разных сторон. В общем нужно, чтобы было видно что-то в простом измерении, и что-то иное в другом измерении, но при этом игрок остаётся в том же месте

You make 2 sets of maps, characters particle effects etc. No easy way around this, you do double work doing all assets.
Then you make different postprocess material for each dimnesion.
Then you have 2 choices:

  • make two separate maps (create first then copy it and replace all assets with ones from another dimension. And move player.
  • or make every asset as actor that replaces mesh / light etc when you switch dimension, however this way you can only have dynamic lights, so previous (2 levels) is really best option.
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