How do i make an actor go from one location to another in a straight line?

SPOILER: im new to unreal and game development in general :stuck_out_tongue:
give you some context, in my game when a player clicks the shoot button a “LineTraceByChannnel” is called with its starting point being the crosshair (centre of the camera). I want to show a bullet(actor) move from the nozzle of the gun of my character to the hit location of the trace (in a short time like 0.1s) how do i accomplish this?
NOTE: assume the world location of the nozzle of the gun be L1 and location of the hit from trace be L2
here is the screen shot of the concerning part of the blueprint:

Add component to your actor, check isHomingProjectile in the details panel on the right.

Pull off a node and get a homing projectile node in which you can set a target and magnitude (if not, magnitude is another node)…a magnitude around 2500 will almost always hit your target.

Projectile component will project your actor with a velocity, magnitude is how far away it can vary from the target, and the other node will allow you to set your target.